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Clinical Trials + Research

Trials and Research - SiteRx  What  is a clinical trial? A  type of research that evaluates the benefits and potential side effects of new medications used to treat conditions and diseases. Most medications used to treat conditions and diseases have been tested in clinical trials. Most studies contain a group of volunteers  who receive the active medication and another group who take an inactive version called a placebo. This way, the researchers can analyze if the new medication is effective enough to prescribe.  What  is SiteRx? As  part of our commitment to providing you with as many care options as possible, we are offering access to clinical access using a company by the name of SiteRx. They help providers identify promising clinical trials for patients.  As  new studies become available, we may refer you to our partners at SiteRx. They will reach out to you and give you information about the opportunity, at which point you can decide whether or not you are interested in learning more about participating. If you're  interested, they will also help you with the next steps to ensure a good experience.

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